Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Morning Prayer

We praise You, O God, with the morning light, and in the brightness of a new day we bless Your holy name.

For all You have given us –

the gift of life,
making us in Your own image,
allowing us to share as children in Your knowledge and love and in Your work and joy,
we thank you, Heavenly Father.

For all good things in the world,
for food and clothing,
for home and friendship,
for useful tasks and good pleasures,
we thank You, Heavenly Father.

For all spiritual blessings,
for the good example and blessed memory of Your saints,
for the secret influence of Your Spirit,
we thank You, Heavenly Father.

And above all we bless You for the redeeming life and death of Your dear Son, our Savior – Jesus Christ. Amen.

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